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Owl Meets Cat is the brainchild of award winning songwriter/producer/engineer Marco Verdugo. Having recorded and produced scores of records over the span of 25 years this is his first solo project.

A born traveler and life long surfer, Marco was restless to see the world. Having lived in California and Mexico he took off with his surfboard and guitar and finally ended up in Australia where he settled in a small beachside community in southern New South Wales far from the hectic traffic of southern California.

The first band he formed in the late 90’s was Twinfish where he gained national recognition as a songwriter. He also won awards with his next band The Long Goodbyes, which garnered attention and radio play in several countries around the world. Those two previous bands were fronted by the evocative vocals of his wife Tracy Verdugo, who later embarked on a career as an artist, writer, and workshop facilitator.  The records morphed from indie pop with Twinfish, into a blend of folk/pop/alt country with The Long Goodbyes. Owl Meets Cat has taken him back to his alt rock/dream pop creations where most of his song writing craft was developed from.

The writing of this latest album inspired his idea to create a book to combine the art of music, story telling, and visual art in one package to highlight how we each see and hear songs and paintings in our own subjective way.  Fourteen artists around the world were given the song and lyric sheet and asked to paint what they thought the song was about. They then were asked to write why they painted the piece, and what inspired them to create their work. Each chapter highlights the song, and the real story of what the song is about along with the artists work and their interpretation.

“I have been absolutely thrilled with what all the artists have come up with,” says Marco. “I can’t believe how diverse the works are, and how the songs inspired the artists to create their pieces on to canvas, or kitchen cupboard doors as one artist did! The whole process was long, it took me a few years to get this all together, but it’s been worth it.”

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it all ends the same ~ A visual & musical storyline

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What others are saying about Owl Meets Cat

"Marco Verdugo is my hero. Musician, architect, composer, builder, writer, sculptor, healer, shaman, sportsman… I could go on and on. There is nothing that this true renaissance man cannot master once he puts his mind to it.
This collection of songs, stories and artworks will take you through many locales and emotions. This is a project years in the making, yet brand new. I’ve had the privilege of working on several musical projects with Marco in the beautiful studio he built. His total focus and dedication is a joy and I am thrilled that he has found his voice. Enjoy these creations of a generous heart."
— Jim Hilbun, Australian rock legend —
The Angels, The Divynals, Suze DeMarchi, Diesel
"Real NICE!! Spacious / solid / expressive / clean & TEXTURED."
— Michael Stavrou, producer/engineer —
Siouxsie and the Banshees, Elton John, Pretenders, Paul McCartney, Queen

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